Finishing Notes

Running the Game

Due to the way Mod Organizer 2 works, running programs through it is a requirement in order to load mods. This is done in the top-right corner of the manager, where the program to run is chosen. Here, select Tale of Two Wastelands.

For the sake of convenience you may also create a shortcut (right below the Run button) so that you won't have to manually open MO2 each time before playing.
Launching the game

Q: Aren't you supposed to launch through NVSE?

A: The 4GB Patcher and the Epic Games Patcher both allow the game's main executable to automatically load the script extender.

Refer to the FAQ section for more information and solutions to possible problems you might encounter at this stage of the guide.

Want More?

You may be interested in Wasteland Survival Guide, which offers a wider selection of mods leading to a completely different experience. Support for WSG provided in The Wasteland Supplemental Discord server.

Adding mods independently and without the help of a guide is only recommended after you have learned the required information and workflow. These range from general technicalities about the game, to solving conflicts with xEdit through The Method.

You can find sources for all this information and more in the Resources section. You should also be aware of the Tools and Mods to Avoid.

We may not provide support for setups that have added mods, especially if you went overboard!